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Terms of Use

Members' obligations and intellectual property rights.

dnnZONE is the creator and the owner of this website which provides information on the products of the company and under certain conditions the possibility to buy the said products in compliance with the following conditions of use that the user/visitor must read carefully and continue browsing the pages of only if he accepts them unconditionally. It is assumed irrefutably that if you use the website, its pages and services, you agree to the following conditions of use. The company reserves the right to change, modify, remove or supplement them partly at any time. Please check for any possible changes from time to time. If you continue to use the website, its pages and services although its conditions of use have been changed, then it is assumed that you accept these new conditions as well.

In order to browse through the information pages of the user/visitor is required to register to and he agrees to:
a)Provide true, accurate, valid and complete information on the data required for the relevant applications in order to have access to its content and
b)Update with due care his registration information so as to be true, accurate, valid, updates and complete. This information is confidential and will not be transferred to any third party under no circumstances. The company is not liable for any leak of confidential information due to a (digital) breach of its website or its database.

MEMBER’S ACCOUNT provides the possibility to users (natural or legal entities) selected by the company to send/exchange private messages. In order to make use of this possibility and if they choose to, the selected users are invited to register upon acceptance of the conditions of use of the website and completion of the data entry. Only upon completion of the said procedure, the selected user and now user shall have the possibility to send private messages by using the codes supplied to him by the company that owns The members/users (natural or legal entities) are exclusively liable for any acts that they perform when using their access code, user name and in general their account (user’s account). It is prohibited to the members/users to disclose the information on their account to anyone (including but not limited to user name and password) and they agree to notify immediately the persons in charge of of any such unauthorized use of their account and any security breach that occurred and/or is likely to occur. Moreover, the members/users are exclusively responsible for the proper use of their account and the logout at the end of each session. is not liable for any loss or damage that might occur due to the failure or negligence of the members to abide to and comply with the said clause. It is expressly prohibited to any member/user or non-member to browse through and send private messages by using the access code, the user name and in general the user account of another member/user even if the other member/user whose access code, user name and in general his user account has been used, has expressly consented to the said use or approved thereof.

The members/users agree not to use the pages and services of in order to:

  • Upload, publish, send, transfer or through other means install any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, insulting, damaging, libelous, vulgar, violent, racist or in any other way unacceptable and/or constituting a criminal offence.
  • Impersonate any legal or natural entity or falsify the identity of any member/use or make a misleading representation with regard to the relation and/or partnership of a member/user with another legal or natural entity.
  • Counterfeit or distort the credentials of members/users in order to provide misleading information on the origin of the content communicated through the pages and the services of
  • Upload, publish, send, transfer or through other means install any content by anyone not entitled to disclose of the said content according to the law or a fiduciary duty.
  • Upload, publish, send, transfer or through other means install software or content in any form (text, image, sound, video, animation) that infringes any intellectual rights of any body (including trade secrets).
  • Upload, publish, send, transfer or through other means install unsolicited or unauthorized advertisement or product promotions, send spam e-mails and any other form of unsolicited content.
  • Upload, publish, send, transfer or through other means install or/and forward and/or disseminate content that contains digital viruses or any other electronic code, files or programs designed to intervene with, destroy or restrict the operability of any software or hardware or telecommunications equipment.
  • Violate intentionally or not any local, national, European, international legislation or/and legal provision that refers to or/and applies to any service provided by The member/user of understands and accepts that does not carry out a preliminary control on the content but and its associates reserve the right to (although not obliged to) the exclusive selection to deny the uploading/publication or removal or deletion of any content included in the pages and services of Moreover, and its associates reserve the right to delete any content that is in breach of these conditions of use. The member/user understands and accepts that he must assess and be liable for any risk that incurs from the use of any content including any decision that he might take based on the accuracy, completeness or/and use of any content. The member/user understands and accepts the international nature of the internet and undertakes the obligation to respect and comply with the local ethics of each country. In particular, the member/user undertakes the obligation to abide to the legislation regarding the transfer of data from Greece and Europe to third countries.

START-UP – SHUT-DOWN OF OPERATIONS reserves the right to modify or/and shut-down temporarily or permanently its operations partly or wholly with or without notification of the members/users thereof.

The member/user understands and accepts that reserves the exclusive right to terminate the use of the access code(s) to its services or/and the provision of its content to the users/members that thinks that they are in violation of the letter and the spirit of these conditions of use.

LINKS TO 3RD PARTY WEBSITES does not control the availability, the content, the data protection policy, the quality and the completeness of the services provided by other websites linked to this website through links, hyperlinks or advertisements logs of any kind. Therefore, you must address directly to the respective websites and pages for any problem that might occur during your visit/use since they are exclusively liable for the provision of their services. Under no circumstances should be considered that it accepts the content nor the services provided by the linked websites and pages nor is it associated to them in any other way.

Apart from the exceptions that are expressly stated herein (intellectual property rights of third parties, associates and bodies), the content of including images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, provided services and in general all the files of this website is the intellectual property of the company that owns and is protected under the relevant provisions of the Greek legislation, European legislation and international conventions and treaties. Therefore, it could neither partly nor wholly be sold, copied, amended, reproduced, republished nor uploaded, broadcasted nor disseminated in any way. The storage of one and only copy of a part of the content on a simple private computer for personal and not for public or commercial use and without deleting the origin thereof from and without infringing in any way the relevant intellectual property rights is excluded. The other products or services that are included in the web pages of this platform and bear the trademarks of the respective bodies, companies, associates, associations or publications are part of their intellectual property rights and hence these bodies are responsible therefor. The member/user understands and accepts that he is not entitled to reproduce, copy, sale, resale nor/and commercially exploit in any way partly or wholly the content of The member/user consents by waiving any intellectual property rights and right to royalties the further use or exploitation (commercial or otherwise) by the owner of of any file of any kind that is sent to the website, such as: images, graphics, photographs, designs, texts, services sent to this website.

Given the nature and the volume of the internet, under no circumstances, including negligence, is not liable for any damage that the member/user of the pages, services, choices and content included in might suffer as he acts on his own initiative. The content of is provided “as such” without any express or implied warranty. to the maximum extent and according to the law, waives any guaranty express or implied including but not limited to those related to the marketing and the suitability for any specific purpose. does not guaranty that the uninterrupted provision of the pages, the services and the content nor the elimination of errors nor that the errors are corrected. Moreover, does not guaranty that the said website nor any other linked site nor the servers upon which they are made available to the members/users contain viruses nor any other malware. Under no circumstances does guaranty the accuracy, completeness or/and availability of the content, the pages, services, choices and the results thereof. The member/user bears the cost for any required correction or provision of service and under no circumstances

The members/users receive the newsletters voluntarily upon their registration to the mailing lists that remain the intellectual property of and therefore are protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek legislation and international conventions. reserves the right to deny the registration of a certain person to the mailing lists or to delete it therefrom.

The aforementioned terms and conditions of use of as well as any amendment thereto are subject to and supplemented by the Greek legislation, the legislation of the European Union and the relevant international treaties. If any provision of the said conditions is deemed to be against the law, it is ipso jure unenforceable and it is removed from these conditions of use without affecting the validity of the remainder. This is the whole agreement between and the member/use of the pages and services thereof and it is binding only between them. Any amendment thereto is enforceable and forms part hereof only if it is in writing and included herein.

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