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Search Engine Optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is the procedure of actions, both inside and outside your website, which aims at its highest position in the Internet search engines ranking results regarding key-words which have been chosen to represent its content.
The aim of the procedure is the appearance of your website in the top list of search results.

Your website optimization starts with the designation of its domain name and proceeds during its design and implementation following the stages below:

  • Keyword Analysis includes the search conducted to select the key-words which match your website content.
  • Competition Analysis refers to the analysis of the competition regarding the key-words which have been selected in the previous stage with the view of having the smallest competition in relation to the key-words of the competitive websites.
  • On Page SEO is the procedure in which all the appropriate actions are carried out in order your website to become more SEO friendly to the search engines. Changes are made in texts (Content Enhancement), web titles, links (Link Building and Link Popularity), images, etc.
  • Submission to the search engines and directories.
  • Keeping your website in high ranking positions and constantly improving it through the monitoring of special reports to which you, as well, have access.



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