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Web Development & Design

dnnzonecms platform
The dnnZONE team creates unique websites with the development platform dnnZONECMS, a platform which is based on the best content management system (CMS) DotNetNuke, written in a development environment .ΝΕΤ.
Web development and design with dnn platform
It offers flexibility, ease of use, extensibility to the administrators, content editors and designers and it constitutes a powerful tool of professional web development and creation.



  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Support Services

Requirements collection and Design strategy


Requirements collection

Throughout the stage of collecting information, we are on your side and we provide you with consulting services based on our long-term experience so as to effectively advertise you on the Internet.

Competition Analysis

We comprehend the type of your business, process your demands, carry out a competition market investigation and create for you proposals which we discuss together in order to confirm your website development requirements.

Implementation Proposals

Different proposals from us, both in the structural and visual part, help you from the very start to have an overview of the project which is going to be implemented, strictly within the timetable agreed.

Project Timetable

In the timetable, the main points of the project implementation are presented, on dates which have been agreed and which will be respected by both parties.



  The best result comes from understanding your needs, goals, your ideas and desires.

Web Development and Design

During the construction of your website you can monitor its development on-line and discuss with us its development and progress at each main point of the timetable.

With the start of the project you receive information material in Greek and gain access to the Knowledge Base of dnnZΟΝΕ, the on-line customer service system (ticketing) and your website of course.


Website Design and Development


Every time a main point of the project is implemented, a detailed check and correction is carried out by you and then you accept the deliverable, so that the dnnZONE development team can proceed to the next step.


Website testing


Upon completion and acceptance of the project, we provide you with training on how to manage your website as well as the manuals in Greek.


dnnzoneCMS platform training

Support Services

Through the on-line customer service system and the Knowledge Base of dnnZONE you can resolve any matter or problem that may come up after the completion of the project.


Customer Service      Knowledge Base


dnnZONE technical support

Our team

DnnZONE Web Services consists of a team of professionals, in the technology field, who operate in the purchase of website development companies.

Today, dnnZONE Web Development Services is constantly increasing in growth and the trust it has won from its customers proves its gradual establishment in the Greek market as a guaranteed and credible name in the Internet Services field.

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